VIDEO: Lharley Lhartey Mocked & Bullied For Going Totally Bald

Lydia Larley Laryea popularly known as Lharley has shared her story about how she was trolled online shortly after going bald earlier in October.

The TV presenter few hours after sharing a photo of herself rocking her bald head received hateful comments from people who did not find her new look attractive.

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Lharley has in the past been known to rock her hair short, mostly devoid of wigs and hair extensions.

However, her decision to go bald was in support of creating awareness and to fight breast cancer.

The month of October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Lharley’s actions were in support of that noble cause but for some reason she was woefully and wrongfully mocked by individuals who couldn’t see past just her outward appearance.

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Watch her below as she shares her story and also educates us on breast cancer

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