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The Makeup Story

Makeups are ladies’ frenemies (Friend + Enemy)
They can make us fabulous, other times too, they can make us look like Joker from The Batman Series.
In our journey with makeups, we do meet some struggles. (Yes, dear guys, if you see us pretty with makeup, we did struggle with the application)
Yes, we did.
Stage 1: We enter a beauty shop and invest in quality makeup from well known product counters. Products that would not give us premature aging.

make up ladies
That, alone, is a great investment for we ladies .
Stage 2: We watch Youtube videos by beauty gurus, download and save it for the proper occasion.

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The beauty gurus make the tutorial look so easy.
Stage 3: The big day arrives and we bring all our investment (makeup) onto our table.

make up am
Let the game begin.
Stage 4: Chapter Eye shadow: Which colour should I opt for? Everyone is going for pink, purple or gold.

Or I should just choose a neutral colour?
Stage 5: Okay, forget the eye shadow. Where’s the eyeliner?

Stage 6: Arrghh, I messed it up. I look like a defeated villain in a cartoon .

mulan matchmaker

Or maybe, the matchmaker in Mulan.
Stage 7: Now to my face powder. How much is too much???

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too much
Stage 8: The concealer is a life saver. Cover up my pimple, please.

cover up
Stage 9: Mascara time!!! Why do I open my eyes like that when it’s mascara time .

Stage 10: Lip stick time.
Pink, red or neutral?

gif lipstick
Or green???
Stage 11: Makeup done! I can be a beauty guru, start a YouTube channel.
What do you think?
Hahahaha. Nah. Let me take a selfie instead.

selfie image
Stage 12:


Caption: Makeup on fleek
Hashtag: #motd (makeup of the day)