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Sarkodie Who? Yaa Pono is The Future Of Hiplife Music



Pidgen Music CEO Panji Anoff

Pidgen Music CEO Panji Anoff

Pidgen Music CEO Panji Anoff has stated that even though Sarkodie may be the most dominating hiplife artist, Yaa Pono is the future of the music genre in Ghana.

Speaking on GH Today on GHOne TV with host Basiwa, the manager of Yaa Pono reiterated that he believes his artist has been the future of hip life for 7 or 8 years now.

According to Panji, he is confident in his statement because of the versatility of Yaa Pono — he is a singer, a composer and also a rapper.

“There’s no doubt that Sarkodie is the most dominating hiplife artist……You cannot question Sarkodie’s dominance but no condition is permanent.  For the last maybe 7 or 8 years, I’ve believed that Yaa Pono is the future of hiplife and as much as I like Sarkodie, I still believe that Yaa Pono is the future. Why? Because he is more than rap, he is a singer, a composer, he is everything”

Yaa Pono

When asked if Reggie Rockstone was the originator of hip-hop he said
“Reggie Rockstone is The Godfather of hiplife just like James Brown is the Godfather of soul. James Brown didn’t invent soul and he was not the first soul musician. There’s a difference between the originator and the Godfather. Gyedu-Blay Ambuley was rapping when I was a child.”

Listen to the interview below

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