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How To Skyrocket Your Skills



Education, it has been said, is the key to success. One easy to access education tool are online courses. Online courses are available for nearly every topic.

In a similar fashion, there is no doubt that knowledge is power. Indeed, education is a sure way for individuals to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations. At the same time, it is one of the critical ways through which countries can individually and collectively attain their set development goals.

Africa is fast growing

Africa, and especially Sub-Sahara Africa, is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The continent boasts a large youthful population, which is a key ingredient for economic takeoff. There is also an increase in the use of mobile phones across the continent, with a good number of both urban and rural populations enjoying related services. What holds even greater promise for Sub-Sahara Africa is the fast growing rate of internet access as well as the proliferation of smartphones.

However, for Africa to reach its growth point, it is imperative that the young population is equipped with education and the skills necessary to run a complex and modern economy. It is only in this way that the continent’s potential will be harnessed.

E-learning concept

E-learning, a concept that came into being with the advent of technology and the internet, is one of the ways through which access to education has been enhanced over recent years. E-learning, which means learning through electronic media, has greatly reduced hurdles associated with accessing education.

Moreover, the development of edtech has seen many people on the continent access online courses from the comfort of their homes and offices.

On a theoretical level, there are key performance indicators to evaluate different online education tools or providers. On a personal level, an online course can sometimes change a complete life, as Nick described in his life story about having success with copywriting.

The need for online courses

There are two major ways in which students can take online courses through e-learning. This can either be achieved in situations where distance education is offered to support or reinforce programs that are already being offered at established educational institutions. Alternatively, students across Sub-Sahara Africa have the option of pursuing online courses for example, an online MBA, that are offered independent of educational institutions.

For instance, MOOC are online courses that can be accessed on a free basis by prospective students in Sub-Sahara Africa. MOOC stands for “massive open online course”. These distance education programs are offered by top universities and colleges across the world.

E-learning is usually associated with numerous advantages. For a start, enrolling in an online college enables one to cut down on costs related to studying in traditional educational institutions. At the same time, those who wish to advance their professional careers can opt to take an online MBA program or online Master programs without having to take a study leave.
Third, students who wish to join universities located in countries far from those in which they reside can conveniently do so through e-learning platforms. This has proven to be helpful to those keen on buying online undergraduate degrees, professionals who wish to further their studies through online master programs as well as employees interested in using an online MBA to enhance their leadership skills.

E-learning also enables students to access a wide variety of online courses. Indeed, any online college that offers higher education program gives prospective students great choice from certificate courses to doctorate programs.

Lastly, online courses offer students greater convenience and flexibility. By using the internet for e-learning, students can plan their study time around their daily activities as opposed to the other way around. In fact, it is also possible to transfer academic credits when taking online courses or when enrolled in an online college.

 Conclusion online courses

When looking to pursue e-learning or wishing to enroll for MOOC program courses, it is important for one to have sufficient knowledge on the same. There are a number of sites that offer great insights into online courses.

Our site,, is a leader and a reliable tool for those seeking to gain higher education credentials through e-learning. The e-learning site offers a comprehensive guide to the best providers of online courses.

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Top Five Online Courses in African Perspective



E-learning and online courses (the so called edtech) are booming, also in Africa. Often we talk about online courses in a more general manner.

Africa, continent, of the youth, aims at a skills gap between rich and poor. But online education can be one important tool to improve the access to higher education. Edtech benefits of the rising access to mobile phones.

Today we want to enlighten the online course subject in a more specific manner: Which are the most demanded online course topics in Africa.

We did our inquiry based on online courses available at Coursera.

For your further interest, see also the article about easy payment methods for online courses, based on cheap online money transfers.


Financial Engineering and Risk Management:

This course draws some aspects from finance and economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computational methods. A greater emphasis lies on the use of simple stochastic models to price derivative securities in different asset classes. They include equities, fixed income, credit and mortgage-backed securities.

The course also focuses on the role played by some of the asset classes applicable during the financial crisis. A fundamental feature of this course is the interview model that helps to give the learner more skills in management practices.

Successful students gain a better understanding of the crucial factors behind the financial engineering. They also acquire a sound knowledge of the limitations of the theory in practice and the reason why the economic models should always receive a healthy degree of skeptics.

There are some practical lessons that successful learners go through in the course of their training. They include asset allocation, and portfolio optimization, real options, commodity and energy derivatives and algorithmic trading.

This course targets business oriented people with interest in playing a crucial role in the economy.

The whole course takes two months during which the learners can interact with valuable learning materials such as videos, notes, and practice questions.


Pricing Strategy:

This course is given emphasis since it is the most crucial aspects of a marketing decision. However, it is least understood by the consumers as well as entrepreneurs.

This course enables the learners to learn and practice concepts, techniques and get the grips with the current thinking on assessing and formulating pricing strategies. Those who complete this course gain the ability to analyze how firms attempt to capture value and profits in the revenues they earn.

The course mainly targets the business minded individuals having a particular interest in harnessing the power of pricing strategies to improve the benefits of their own companies or the companies where they work. The skills they gain give them a basic understanding of the principles of marketing and pricing that would be an advantage, but it is not essential.

The language of instruction used to disseminate knowledge for this course is English.

Students taking this courses access learning materials such as videos, readings and practice materials. In total, the course has eleven video, eight reading materials, and three practice quizzes for every week.

The course takes a total of eight weeks, a period that gives the learners an extensive exposure to quality teaching materials.

Passing all the graded assignments available throughout the courses is the only criteria used to determine the students who have passed their exams.


Marketing Mix:

The course mainly focuses on the marketing mix and the skill-set required implementing successful marketing strategies. The entire course explores the four concepts of marketing mix model namely product, pricing, place, and promotion.

Product entails the brand and product management. Promotion requires strategies used for communication, development of an effective public relations, and advertising. The aspect of place involves the distribution channels strategies used as well as the retail chains.

The structure of this course primarily focuses on implementation, and hence the learners can apply the knowledge gained to their work immediately after completing the course. The knowledge gained is also useful in enhancing the development of the business ideas that a person may have.

The entire course has four sections after which every student is required to take a project where they will gain the opportunity to put into practice the learned knowledge. The project entails running a real product through an existing market mix.

The four sections are the brand and product management, pricing strategies, channel management and retailing, and integrated marketing communications, promotion, public relations and digital marketing.



The primary focus of this course is to equip the students with skills that can help them to design effective marketing solutions for the twenty-first-century marketing challenges.

The entire course has three main topics focusing on customer royalty. They include branding, customer centricity, and the practical marketing strategies.

The case of branding, every learner will learn about the branding equity, which is a fundamental element of maintaining the customers are a dynamic world. For instance, the major focus of this topic is to address the constantly emerging start-ups.

Customer centricity mainly concentrates on the clients who form a crucial segment in the marketing cycle.

Practical marketing strategies help the learners to understand the drivers that influence customers and the implementation of marketing strategy.

Upon completion of this course, the learners have a chance of carrying out a project that entails preparation of a strategic analysis and proposal of solutions to real business challenges that are common in the East African region.

Therefore, the knowledge gained from this course is relevant to the existence of a successful business in the twenty-first century. Those who complete this course successfully achieve the potential of delivering practical business solutions to their businesses or places of employment.


Digital Marketing:

With the digital marketing taking shape in the East African region, this course aims at delivering quality skills applicable in digital marketing to the business community.

Therefore, the course examines how the digital tools like the internet, smart phones, and 3D printing are transforming the marketing sector.

The course mainly targets business oriented people with the aim of establishing successful businesses in the twenty-first century. The most crucial aspects of this course entail development of innovative new products, and digital tools for enhancing consumption rates, efficient product distribution, and setting the right prices.

Tools for developing innovative new products gives the consumers a chance of becoming familiar with new digital tools that can enable them to take a more active role in formulating and branding the products they consume.

Therefore, a successful completion of this course will give the learner the capability to learn how new digital tools can enable customers to take a more active role in promotional activities.

Given such, successful students will have the ability to alter the distribution of products and also revolutionize the retail environment.

The primary learning materials used for this course includes videos, interactive modules, and practice questions.

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Ups and Downs of Stonebwoy’s Career



Stonebwoy’s real name is Livingstone Etse Satekla, and he is a Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall as well as reggae artists. If you have heard of the Burniton Music Group, you must realize that Stonebwoy is the CEO of this popular group.

Stonebwoy has been through several ups and downs in his professional as well as personal lives. However, not all of his fans are aware of what he has been through. If you decided to learn more about your favorite artist, here is all the detail that you need.

Stonebwoy and his professional life

Born in Ashaiman in the region of Ghana, Stonebwoy started making music right from the time he was in school. In fact, when he was in the early days of his school, he had developed a keen passion for music, making him addicted to his work. He always wanted to make more and more music so that the others could listen to him.

Sarkodie, the popular rapper was Stonebwoy’s classmate. He got his High School Leaving Certificate from the Methodist Day Secondary School. However, in order to get a degree in Marketing, he continued his education at the University of Professional Studies in the year 2013. As each and every student, he sometimes ordered essays, you can find here one of the resources he used.

The artist began his career as the Stonebwoy by performing as an undercover rapper. Most of the rappers are never motivated by their families, but behind Stonebwoy’s career was the motivation of his family. Every family member was extremely supportive towards the vision that this artist had. He then enrolled for the rap competition called “Kasahare Level” on ADom FM. Doctor Cryme and Sarkodie saw Stonebwoy and his performance. They were quite impressed by how he knocked out various rappers and that’s exactly how he gained all the popularity that he deserved.

The rap battles

The rap battles continued for a long time, and his music style was recognized by not only his fans but the aspiring rappers as well. When he continued with his special style of music, he was noticed by Samini of the “Samini Music” record label. Stonebwoy songs deserved to be appreciated by people all around the globe, and that’s exactly what hit the mind of Samini after looking at Stonebwoy’s impeccable performances.

Stonebwoy music was popularized under “Samini Music” with his very first hit called “Climax.” While “Climax” featured Samini, his second hit “Ghetto Love” featured Irene Logan.  Stonebwoy tracks got more exposure when he continued with his career.

Stonebwoy videos were nominated at the Ghana Music Awards. When he got all the exposure that a talented artist like him deserved, he came out with his debut album titled “Grade 1 Album.” This was also brought under the Samini Music that gave him a grand recognition as Stonebwoy in the music industry. In the year 2015, the artist happily signed a deal with the division of VP Records called “VP Africa.”

Stonebwoy’s downfall

You can stay a fan of Stonebwoy, but have you noticed the downfall that’s going on in the life of this artist? Most of the people say that it is due to the disrespect he is causing to Sark’s VGMAs that he is going through a downfall in the music industry at the moment. Despite winning awards for his talents and skills, he is unable to sustain the demand for his music in the market. While he was quite a grounded man earlier, due to which also helped him bang the BET Awards for the Best International Act Africa, he is unable to maintain his respect in the market because he is not showing his gratitude and respect towards others.

There is another reason that a lot of people are giving behind Stonebwoy’s constant failures at the moment and that is his comparison with Samini. No doubt Samini recognized the artist’s talents and gave him a chance in the industry, Stonebwoy has a completely different style of music, and he hates being compared. The artist has also made a harsh statement like, “fools and villagers will compare me to Samini.” He believes he is different, just like his music is.

Currently, not a lot of Stonebwoy songs are working in the industry. People are not listening to his songs the way they did when he was welcomed in the industry. No doubt this stresses the artists, but he also states that it doesn’t bother him at all. In fact, he has always said that he has been creating music for himself and for the fans who like his work. Name and fame are the two things that don’t cause any stress to him, even if he has not been able to sustain his popularity at present.

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