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5 Reasons Why Zylofon Media – Shatta Wale is a win.



So finally the event we have all been waiting for has come and gone. Social media was lit when the unexpected announcement that Zylofon Media had been in talks with the self acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale to sign him unto their label. And although many of us are largely disappointed with the sketchy details of the contract at the unveiling press conference, this is a win.

Sure there are a lot of people who are going to tell you that “well now is the time to be a Ghanaian musician for the simple fact that there are more avenues than ever to explore” and I agree with that school of thought.

Zylofon Media popped up unto the Ghanaian creative arts scene at a time when there has been a lot of disputes about the payment of royalties due to Ghanaian musicians. I recall a time when a top artiste insulted GHAMRO for receiving a paltry 40ghc as his royalties for a whole calendar year.

Put Shatta Wale, the loud, outspoken soldier who keeps screaming about the “chicken change” and poor treatment Ghanaian artistes receive at the hands of event organizers and Zylofon Media in one picture and we have a formidable force to fight the exploitation and neglect of the Creative Arts Industry. Imagine an actor like Psalm Adjetefio who was our favorite TV Character in the late 1990s saying he lives from hand to mouth in 2018. There are several examples of once-upon-a-time Industry greats who now live from hand to mouth. Whose fault is this?

Here are 5 reasons why Zylofon Media – Shatta Wale is a win.

1) Money.

Zylofon Media has deep pockets literally. Money, money, money. Even before the unveiling conference, there were rumors flying around about a possible $1.5million contract on the table with a Rolls Royce. The Ghanaian music industry as a whole is struggling to keep up with changes in the way people purchase and listen to music these days. So a label such as Zylofon Media has a huge financial advantage. When your label has a lot of money, that means they will be able to spend a lot of money promoting your record – which is exactly what you want. It also means they may be able to offer Shatta Wale a large advance and invest a lot in recording, touring, video shoots and other opportunities for him.

2) Connections.

Zyolofon Media seems to be well connected. Over 200 media personalities were said to be present at Shatta Wale’s unveiling. Most media outlets will gladly be in bed with Zylofon Media and more media coverage means more buzz around the artiste. Zylofon Media currently has a radio station, Zylofon FM & a television station. Zylofon TV. Expect more of Shatta Wale’s music on their platforms in the next 3 years.

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3) International Appeal.

After reading and sampling the opinions of many people on social media, many Ghanaians feel that although Shatta Wale is probably the biggest artiste in Ghana right now, he is still yet to hit the world market and get that global appeal. Here is where Zylofon Media comes in, they have access to the best people in the industry. Shatta Wale will get access to experienced producers and engineers and make the right connections with other mainstream artistes on the African Continent and beyond. can we expect a Grammy in

4) Creative Control.

Since we did not really get details of the contract, I am of the opinion that Zylofon Media will determine the Creative control of Shatta Wale. Zylofon Media will determine how Shatta Wale’s music will sound. Maybe I am wrong but its really rare for a label to allow an artiste to produce whatever music they like. Unless of course this is more of an ambassadorial/endorsement deal than a record label deal. They will always have someone from their production team involved in the whole creative music process. We all know how Shatta Wale likes to release music every other day. Most of them, well are just really not cut out for the international market. Well, hopefully, this deal will help sieve out the no-so-quality releases from the rest.

5) Stonebwoy & other label-mates.

Zylofon Media signing Shatta Wale means he and fellow Ghanaian Dancehall heavyweight Stonebwoy have now become label-mates. By signing with Zylofon Media, Shatta Wale has become directly associated with the label’s already signed artists. He get the benefits of that exposure, to feature and be featured by other the artistes on the Label. For free (per the contract details we do not even know) The artistes on the Zylofon roster are Stonebwoy, Becca, Kumi Guitar, Joyce Blessing, Obibini and everyone is already looking forward to a Shatta Wale – Stonebwoy collaboration.

Overall, we should be excited. This is the perfect opportunity for Shatta Wale to take his music career to the next level. Can we now confidently say that Shatta Wale is on his way to a Grammys Award? Time will tell.

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